Tuesday, October 22, 2002

The truth about blogs from today's Doonesbury!

It's good to hear my pal Morford is appreciating Boondocks and at least trying to get into Doonesbury. I had the same problem with Doonesbury for years. It's placement on the Editorial page of many papers is telling. I was like isn't it always about Watergate?

The key, I found is to pick up old Doonesbury books in used bookstores, and slowly catch up. They are easily digestable and each are inextricably set in their moment in time. Skewing hypocrisy and harassing the politicos (pardon the redundancy). Whether it's Frank Sinatra or Al Haig or USA Today or (recently) David Geffen, or... okay there really is a LOT on Watergate & Kissinger.

Uncle Duke is a good point of entry, esp. for folks who already have a thing for Hunter S. Thompson. Duke has been ambassador to China, GM of the Redskins, a Zombie in Haiti, and an Enron bagman; versatile, incomprehensible, stoned. If you really want to bone up on the cast history (the strip has been running for 31 years, so it's not surprising if you get a little lost), the website has a section of cast bios. I just realized, he started the strip the year I was born.

Gary Trudeau is really something special. I could go on. But I won't. Here's an interview from '99 in Salon which I haven't read yet. Blogs can be good for bookmarking. :)

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

News on the memorial to murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. An interesting story and what sounds like a cool artwork.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

First Frickin' Fridays #2 tomorrow night!

Tomorrow is the 2nd Installment of First Frickin' Fridays.
It's a chance to voice your yawp at the trough with anyone else who (shows up and) cares about
the underground nightlife in the Bay Area. I'll conduct focus groups and surveys, plying you with
likker and prying out the deepest darkest details of your art scene opines.
DETAILS ARE HERE. Also checkout photos from the first
FFF, and both recap of the whole show and recent developments on the
topic of post-9/11 humor. Plus Mike Dingle's list of alternative news sources.

The show is tomorrow (Friday 10/4/02) at 21 Grand, fine
underground art and performance in Oakland. Catch it if you can.