Sunday, February 24, 2002

Okay, we have now had 2 performances of Absurd Night Live and the show is going very well.

There are only two shows left!! Word on whatever street it is that I listen to says that the last show, this Saturday (3/2) is
very close to sold out, and I know that a fair amount of tickets have been sold for Friday night as well. If you want to buy them
in advance on line you
can, but you can also just phone in and reserve them from the EXIT
and then you don't have to pay the service charge and you pay at the door. The advantage to getting the ticket online is that you
definitely have it. If you only reserve it then they will sell it to folks on the waiting list at 15 minutes before the show starts.

Come out and see it! It's funny! (if I do say so myself) It's weird! (and that counts for something!) It's MINE! (which
is no fault of your own. And of course I share responsibility/blame with a talented gang of cohorts.)

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Campaign finance reform may be at hand. A huge setback will possibly occur to the ease of influence on American politics (which is what passes for government) by those in the dough. An enlightening profile from the Washington Post of the Republican whose name is on the bill, who is not making any friends from this. So soft money might take a hard hit. Which means that the only the rich who run themselves up the polls. Meanwhile, how bored are you? Do you want to just read a lot of dirt on a lot of politicians? It's enuf to make you wish for anarchy, ain't it?

Monday, February 11, 2002

Absurd Night Live

coming up February 22-23 & March 1-2 as part of

The EXIT Theater's Classic Absurdism Festival!!!

mikl-em (veteran of Banana, Bag & Bodice and Popcorn Theater)
has assembled an impossible cast and inevitable special guests
to help engineer an intersection for a car crash of sketch comedy
and Absurdism. Borrowing from the rich and giving to the absurd,
he pulls from sketch comedy archetypes and Absurdist forefathers
to hatch sketches like you've never seen and will never forget.
What sounds like words you've never heard before? How many
licks does it take to get to the center of a comedy sketch?
Ask not for whom the stethoscope and I'll see you in Poland!
Your smileage may vary. With guest hosts Ed Holmes (2/22-2/23)
& Donald the Nut (3/1-3/2).

You can get tickets from ticketweb, but there are only so many--so hurry!! There are a lot of great shows in the festival, so maybe you should get an all festival pass!

Monday, February 04, 2002

If you haven't heard I'm writing/directing... a play? a show? What should I call it? It's an hour long, it is based on both sketch comedy & absurdism. Meaning that these are sketches but with a darker humor & themes referential to the works of Beckett, Pinter, Ionesco & others running throughout. The cast of 5, plus me sometimes, is a talented group of friends who will
amaze and astound and absurd. I'll post more details here soon. I just wanted to post SOMETHING sicne I haven't for nearly a month and to explain that silence--I've been busy with this thing! THe show goes up on Feb 22-23 & March 1-2 at the EXIT theater Here's more details:


A Festival of the Absurd. From the heart of San Francisco, deep in Fringe territory emerges a
three-ring festival of EXIT Theatre's signature absurdist fare. Featuring:

In EXIT Stage Left THE BALD SOPRANO by Eugene Ionesco
Ireland's Asylum Theatre presents a stripped down, sent up, furiously
funny adaptation of Ionesco's classic comedy which won rave reviews at
the Edinburgh and Cork Fringe "WONDERFULLY PORTRAYED ... WILL HAVE YOU
IN STITCHES" Irish Examiner.

In EXIT Theatre UBU ROI by Alfred Jarry

directed by Rebecca Novick

100 years after it caused a riot in Paris, this hilarious half Macbeth, half-schoolboy potty mouth
for runner of the absurd still delivers dangerous truths about the corruption of power.

At EXIT on Taylor THE CONDEMNED MAN'S BICYCLE by Fernando Arrabal

directed by Rafel Klopotowski.

A fever dream worthy of Dali emerges from the repression of Franco's
Spain as a Freudian fairytale with socialist ideals and sadistic undertones.

All shows Wednesday through Saturday February 20-March 2, 2002 8:30 PM
$12-20 sliding scale Reservations: 415.673.3847; Tickets available at
Tix Bay Area at Union Square.

ALSO under the CLASSIC ABSURDITY big top:

STAGED READINGS A collection of unknown delights and rarely produced
masterpieces lightly staged and fresh from the page.

Saturday 2/24 The Chinese Wall by Max Frisch

Saturday 3/2 Resounding Tinkle by N.H. Simpson {an absurd translated article on Simpson} [directed by Bill Peters]

both in EXIT Theatre
and Picnic on the Battlefield by Fernando Arrabal
directed by Rafel Klopotowski
all shows 7:00pm at EXIT & EXIT Stage Left. Pay what you can.


then there's our little old thing Absurd Night Live!!