Sunday, February 24, 2002

Okay, we have now had 2 performances of Absurd Night Live and the show is going very well.

There are only two shows left!! Word on whatever street it is that I listen to says that the last show, this Saturday (3/2) is
very close to sold out, and I know that a fair amount of tickets have been sold for Friday night as well. If you want to buy them
in advance on line you
can, but you can also just phone in and reserve them from the EXIT
and then you don't have to pay the service charge and you pay at the door. The advantage to getting the ticket online is that you
definitely have it. If you only reserve it then they will sell it to folks on the waiting list at 15 minutes before the show starts.

Come out and see it! It's funny! (if I do say so myself) It's weird! (and that counts for something!) It's MINE! (which
is no fault of your own. And of course I share responsibility/blame with a talented gang of cohorts.)

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