Saturday, March 14, 2009

watching the bac'n guys at barcamp austin

Watching the guys at BarCampAustin

These guys created a business letting people Buy Bacon online and bacon realted stuff. Some very cool insights. And great tips for prefab'd services that make it much easier to run a web/mail-based business.

Here's a short list: for landing page analysis, for a great way to deal with postage (interface to the USPS' scary API, has an awesome Mac client--seems like Opentaps does a similar thing), Uservoice for onsite feedback.

Business model: Selling t-shirts for a high profit and lots & lots of the world's best bacon for a lesser profit per item. And being smart as hell about every aspect of marketing & operations, totally leveraging new technology like the above.

Brilliant and fun presentation. Built the biz in 3 weeks. Paid tshirt models in PBR & Pizza. Presentation soon in SF.

Beeler's Uncured Garlic Pepper Bacon from Bac' on Vimeo.

That was great, now back to SXSW proper.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Scam School at SXSWi

Watching the Scam School guy at SXSW

I refuse to look up and remember his name, cuz it's a click away for you to learn it yourself. But it's a show on Revision3 about scams & tricks, esp. around how to get free drinks.

Very entertaining, a domestic Derren Brown who walks amongst us. Gave some background. Lots of it is about Fixed Action Patterns. Interesting stuff.

He recommends the book How to Read a Person Like a Book.

more later

I'm at SXSW (and maybe you are or not?)

I'm hanging at SXSW for the week. And here I have this monthlong gap on posts at my eponymous blog. So I thought I'd get a quickie up here, in case someone surfs over here trying to figure out what my deal is.

To find out what I am doing RIGHT NOW check me on Twitter. Images are on Flickr. Read recent blogposts on my little slice of LaughingSquid. Including today's post about how NOT to attend SXSW.

More later soon yup. -em