Sunday, September 25, 2005

Batman at the Dark Room

Here's my most exciting project in a while, we are putting on a stage version of the old Batman TV Show from the 60's. I'm playing The Joker, following in the esteemed and melodramatic footsteps of Cesar Romero.

The rest of the cast is stellar, featuring members of Uphill Both Ways as the dynamic duo, Hal Robins as The Penguin, Sean Owens as The Riddler, and a lot more.

The show is up all through October, Fri-Sunday; check the Dark Room website for details.

Webzine 2005
in San Francisco

I moderated a panel for Webzine today. The subject was
"Culture Jamming in the Post-9/11 Mindset" and featured members of
Evolution Control Committee, The Billboard Liberation Front, and Archimedia.

It went really well, a lot of fun and some serious discussion about how and why to do weird things. Lots of other great stuff going on at Webzine. Tho it's over by the time you read this, you can catch up by looking at the site and the wiki.

More culture-jammery

For those in SF, you can check out the documentary on Culture-jammer Ron English, which also features the BLF. It's playing through Thursday 9/29/05 at the Red Vic. You can see the trailer for the film on Ron's website.

We caught the film last night and it was great. I was somewhat familiar with Ron's billboard improvement work, but less so with his "serious" art. The whole thing was really interesting and he's got a diverse body of provocative work. The stuff that he does with
Picasso's Guernica are my particular favorites: one, and two examples.

Catch this flick at the Vic while it lasts.