Thursday, April 17, 2003

This one's for all that TRAFFIC....

I figure I should post some fresh material here, seeing as the three-dog media circus will likely be drawing more folks here, or already is. For those who haven't heard, or like the echoey sound of old news ricocheting through their cortex-as, I'm referring to the Laughing Squid New York Show which I will be participating in along with a horde of San Francisco's finest underground artists n' characters. ["Characters" would that cover the PORN CLOWNS??? I guess it's a start; a vague, rude n' amusing gesture.]

A tweeker's dozen or so of these friend's n' neighbors of mine are already sur la route from the City by the Bay to the Apple that is Big. You can follow their adventures on a daily basis--pictures and journal. Check it out.

Monday, April 14, 2003

Hey Bush: Remember not to Forget Iraq

Like you did Afghanistan. I'm sure it gets a bit heady when you're trying to figure out all that money (which friends to favor and what not); but don't leave them out of the budget like you did the last people that we bombed into freedom. Yeah, like you care.

There's something called the Group On Mass Violence at Harvard, here is a stunning personal letter from a US Citizen to his president listed amongst a group of readings on their website. The person's name is Jonathan Ingbar, and I cannot find anything on the web to identify him as a person of any particular political, academic, or social prominence. But he's articulate and expresses well many of my own concerns about the conduct of the administration at this time.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Designing my own behavior

I want to train myself to use this blog as a scratchpad and to-do list. Start page, hotlist, PORTAL, whatever. I'm not there yet. And if I get closer then the question will be--is there privacy, or do I need to have privacy. The Internet has always had an impulse of voyeurism mixed in with its community (and an impressive tradition of both at once!). Not that this is so dramatic. But I need to have a long think on how to make this space a bit more a part of my daily life, and from that will come more usefullness for me and for "you" more postings and a more interesting view of my life. So this is the start, I suppose, a note to self.
[Now that was an obscure reference.]

Saturday, April 05, 2003

For fans of Boondocks

a nice interview with Boondock's creator Aaron McGruder at the 2002 NAACP Image Awards, on where they also have a Boondocks Archives that is a couple months behind. That is good, because the UComics site only keeps a 2 week archive. And you sometimes need more than 14 strips at a time.