Thursday, April 17, 2003

This one's for all that TRAFFIC....

I figure I should post some fresh material here, seeing as the three-dog media circus will likely be drawing more folks here, or already is. For those who haven't heard, or like the echoey sound of old news ricocheting through their cortex-as, I'm referring to the Laughing Squid New York Show which I will be participating in along with a horde of San Francisco's finest underground artists n' characters. ["Characters" would that cover the PORN CLOWNS??? I guess it's a start; a vague, rude n' amusing gesture.]

A tweeker's dozen or so of these friend's n' neighbors of mine are already sur la route from the City by the Bay to the Apple that is Big. You can follow their adventures on a daily basis--pictures and journal. Check it out.

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