Sunday, October 18, 2009

Forget the Balloon Boy, now it's the Balloon Goal!

The inflationary theme continues to be a hot issue. Saturday in England, a Liverpool fan cost his own team a goal by introducing his loosely held breath into the sphere of play...

via Soccer Insider

Also here's a list of other odd goals in history.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Trader Joe's Song--a delightful fake commercial

I mention this video in a recent post that I did on LaughingSquid as the same director also directed a few cool commercials with the Mythbusters guys in them.

But it felt off-topic and like too many videos to put in one post, so I excluded this amazingly catchy parody of the TJ-reality. So I decided to share it here instead.

Two posts in one day, this could portend grave happenings.

Daily Show skewers CNN's weak, leaving-it-there coverage

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This must be one of my favorite Daily Show segments ever. They could stop a couple times along the way, but thankfully they see the satire all the way through. And there is a lot of damning evidence: CNN is a weak weak choice for news.

Those who celebrate goat *ucking will be particularly excited.