Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Sci-Fi Play written by the Audience - Live - December 20-21 in San Francisco

My main creative project right now is producing an event called Exquisite Corpse Theatre: a party/game/performance where the audience writes a play and then we perform it live.

Here's the poster for our next production, on December 20 & 21, top half by Doctor Popular, lower half by Cameron Eng

Like the play the poster is a blind collaboration a la Exquisite Corpse. Neither artist sees the other's work, they have a few constraints, and only know half the title. And then something this amazing this comes together! The play is like that, too, it's unpredictable and a ton of fun.

The event has some remnants of Surrealism (inventors of the cadavre exquis form) and much Cacophony (the jokers who came up with this theatrical application). I have a cast of incredible comedians and improvisers who are ready to go with whatever the audience throws them. Each show we choose a genre that's fun and everyone is familiar with. The first time it was Film Noir and the last 2 have been Science Fiction.

Our next shows are December 20 & 21st in San Francisco.

A few more pix below... You can get tickets or find out more here.