Monday, February 11, 2002

Absurd Night Live

coming up February 22-23 & March 1-2 as part of

The EXIT Theater's Classic Absurdism Festival!!!

mikl-em (veteran of Banana, Bag & Bodice and Popcorn Theater)
has assembled an impossible cast and inevitable special guests
to help engineer an intersection for a car crash of sketch comedy
and Absurdism. Borrowing from the rich and giving to the absurd,
he pulls from sketch comedy archetypes and Absurdist forefathers
to hatch sketches like you've never seen and will never forget.
What sounds like words you've never heard before? How many
licks does it take to get to the center of a comedy sketch?
Ask not for whom the stethoscope and I'll see you in Poland!
Your smileage may vary. With guest hosts Ed Holmes (2/22-2/23)
& Donald the Nut (3/1-3/2).

You can get tickets from ticketweb, but there are only so many--so hurry!! There are a lot of great shows in the festival, so maybe you should get an all festival pass!

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