Friday, February 16, 2001

you think your throat's sore...

I'm tired. I've had sickness all week. 3 days out of work. Things are dizzy, busy and sorta sad/frustrating right now. Didn't look at world news today until about 9:30 when I learned about the bombings of Iraq. I knew Snippy was going to do that. I really don't like that guy.

I'm thirty right now. How many of you, who are within 5-10 years of my age, remember growing up with the assumption that the world would end by a nuclear blast in out lifetime? Raise your hands. [Looks like about... 64% (+or - 8%) about what I figured.] Cold wars bite my shiny metal ass. They aren't sexy or heroic, or funny or romantic or even tragic, they're just stupid. What is it good for?

The legacy of republican presidents in the last couple decades (and their faithful vices) speaks for itself, as, unfortunately, does George W. Bush. And speaks for all of us in fact to world leaders and other people with weapons. I don't trust this guy to talk to telemarketers, let alone world leaders. Don't get me wrong, Clinton definitely is a dicey character in some regards, but the fact is that at least some of the time he is conniving on our behalf. Bush is working exclusively for who put shoved him into office--less than the majority but have the lion's share of the wealth. The ones who spell USA with a capital $.

Maybe he's not the only one who's jumping the gun. Maybe it's not that bad. But it sure smells like it to me.

In brighter news, The Tentacle Sessions series which I co-produce will celebrate its two year anniversary (and the start of our 3rd year) on Sunday. The guest is the incredible Hal Robins, who is a gifted cartoonists, brilliant historian of popular culture and unpopular oddities, and one of the founders of the Church of the SubGenius. I've been reviewing a lot of SubGenius stuff recently, and you know it makes you wonder. It really does.

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