Sunday, December 23, 2001

Hi. me's been quiet for a while. Resting up after the big Sessions thing. Getting holi-daze-ical. Now, as I'll post in a second, there's some big news from my family.

The PARTY was a huge howling neato success. All of the performers were incredible. We raised some cash, and we still have prize packs available on the site so we can raise more money and YOU can get art from past Sessions artists for a great prize. Plus one of our cool tshirts! Here's the front! I'll put an image of the back up pretty soon. But it incorporates all of our past artists!

Okay, enuf of that stuff--except to say that the next Session is coming soon and will be of a lot of interested to old Wired types--and on to more important things! Like NEW LIVES!

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