Friday, January 04, 2002

the featured genre today on is "College Rock". This apparently links together Elvis Costello, The Modern Lovers, Sonic Youth, Smithereens, Prefab Sprout, Tracy Chapman & Stone Roses. Okay, I listened to a lot of that in College, but I think it's a bit of a disservice to put the first 3 in that, esp w/ such short-term PoPpy company, plus are there really that many people in college listening to the Modern Lovers (it's the first album, of course)? Were there ever? It would make me really happy, but I think it's just collegeradio dorks like me who even know that Jonathan Richman used to be in a band (let alone that Jerry Harrison was in it, too) and that the Circle Jerks didn't write Pablo Picasso. Don't mind me, just filing another complaint at the Obscure Reference Desk.

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