Monday, September 16, 2002

Danielle and I are just back from Portland, where we spent a lovely long weekend celebrating the marriage of our old friends Aaron and Va. They were married two Valentine's Days ago in a civil ceremony in London, and for rather practical reasons it happened on short notice. So this was the long-awaited opportunity for all of us to celebrate how happy we are that they're together!

It was a weekend of card tricks, cheap beer, Chinese Gardens, video games, caesar salad, long card games in the park, reunions with college cronies, another mykle who spells his name all funny, and some beautiful weather from sometimes stormy Portland. And of course books. And of course coffee.

Aaron I've known since college radio days, when he was the first techno dj in rockingham county. Seth sews his own beer cozies. 6rady thinks he's a Soprano.

I'll post more about the weekend later.

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