Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Recommended reading

Yesterday both TPM & Altercation highly recommended this article by John Judis in The National Review (which is noteworthy cuz at least Alterman has remarked on the relative conservatism and pro-administration stance in TNR's editorial pages these days). It's a critique of the new US imperialism by way of the OLD US imperialism and Woodrow Wilson's response to it. I'm parroting here. I haven't yet read it, but I trust the pointers.

I was not familiar with John Judis, per se, though I think I've read him before. It turns out he was a member of SDS , which is great, so Todd Gitlin isn't the only
frontline 60's radical who has graduated to pundit status. I haven't the read the article above, but Judis also has an excellent piece in The American Prospect it's an up-to-date analysis and historical & philosophical perspective on the Iraq invasion. And not as heady as it sounds, well-writ, straight-forward, a great article. Read it!!

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