Saturday, July 12, 2003


I have been re-miss in not promoting it ahead of time here. It is going on RIGHT NOW!!! This year it is a 24 hour event and features as incredible a lineup as ever. I missed the cult leader brown bag lecture series, which I am quite bummed about. But there's a whole other stage show this evening starting at 8pm(ish).

I am proud to sat that I have participated in Dadafest in every year since its inception in 1998. 6 of 'em. This year's theme is disaster preparedness, which is unfortunately ripe with inspiration in this country right now. My 2p:

Dont' trust the government.

Trust the people making fun of the government.
Or the other people making fun of the government.

There are so many to choose from!!!

LATE BREAKING NEWS: The Cult Leaders lecture series will be happening at 4pm at Dadafest!! I haven't missed it yet after all!!! See you there!?

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