Sunday, October 26, 2003

Two articles on Texas re-districting

The Washington Post delivers two insightful articles on the Texas Republicans re-districting powerplay. The first
deals with the legal issues involved the Democrats have filed suit claiming it to be unconstitutional and illegal; citing several experts, the article's thrust is that this is uncharted legal and constitutional territory. The other article covers
the diversity on the political spectrum of the Democrats who would be ousted by the news districting scheme--including some who vote with GOP frequently and who benefit the state by their senority.

If you are curious and want to geek (yes, as a verb) about more general redistricting stuff, there are links here to
all manner of redistricting sites, including those for each of the 50 states (hmmm, not quite Maine seems to be missing, I wonder why. Indiana makes up for it by having several sites for some reason). Here's
the California site
which has links to redistricting in the news stories, and maps of 2002 party registration by country which is interesting to look at.

I now know more than is useful about this. From here on I will begin purposefully forgetting it.

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