Thursday, August 12, 2004

i am so cursed i can't even tell you

gawd, it keeps happening! You wouldn't believe the number of times I have lost posts to this blog recently due to Firefox freezes OR oddness of Blogger/Firefox interactions. Whatever, no excuses. I can write stuff in an external editor (my beloved Textpad, f'rinstance) and never have such hassles. Or just write more, cuz we all know that re-writing the paper in one night that the hamster ate, it always gets better (well, at least weirder or at least as weird as HST now writes for ESPN, okay maybe that is only so much and I'm just not keeping close enough score and I wonder who he's voting for, and, oh shit are we still in the parentheses?!?!) than the one you took weeks to work on and had the little frickin' quotes and stuff written on notecards like a dork.

But I still love Firefox, great browser. Keeps biting me though.

I need to re-design this site. Or re-template it at least.

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