Monday, December 18, 2006

Santa like it's 1996 on Tuesday

1996 Portland Santacon 10th Anniversary Party

Tuesday, December 19th

Cafe du Nord

2170 Market Street

San Francisco

doors: 8pm

video starts: 9pm

Santa Open Mike and general merriment after screening til closing.

Free admission. Santa attire encouraged.

It was the Cacophonist of times, the first Santa Rampage planned for outside the City by the Bay. And vision of riots danced in The Man's heads. Cuz Saint Nicholaus x 10 x 10 x 2 soon would be there.

And shit.

Yup, 200 Santas invaded Portland (some were indigineous, actually)
10 years ago. And a bunch of this city's usual suspects were of
course leading the charge. The list reads like a Ho's Ho of SF
Cacophony. Melmouth, Geekboy, Cortez, Holmes, Burke, John, and
of course that damn Beale guy. With his video camera!

It was before my time. Just before my time. I was here but I
hadn't quite drunk the water yet. :) I went the next year to LA.
You can see a very quick cameo of Danielle, early on--she didn't go
to Portland though, it's in pre-launch festivities.

I believe that this video, assembled by Scott Beale, Stu Mangrum,
and Scott's voiceover guy friend, is the best encapsulation of the
mysterious, beautiful, intoxicating and creative mischief that
we breed out here in Norton's city. Practitioners of forgotten
social arts and biters of feeding hands, the post-something, semi-
comatose cultural criticism of the Drunken Masters, all hail
Santa(s) in Perversitus Bacchanalium Uber Alles. And shit.

Whenever friends came to visit and wanted to know what I'd been
doing, I would play them this video. It was much easier to explain
that way. It's like this. Every weekend. *Sigh*.

10 years ago? No way. You're lying. Not every weekend is like
this anymore. It's probably still going on, and I'm just not
sticking my foot in it as often. But on Tuesday, we'll get a nice
fat taste of Vintage 96 Cacophony. Wear something you can get messy.
Like say a holiday outfit from Oriental Trading Company (remember, one size fits none.

That link again, in case you missed it....

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