Saturday, January 24, 2009

Coraline and Watchmen hit theaters in Spring 2009 (like almost now)

Wow, gee cool, the right movies are being made!

What joy that not both Coraline and Watchmen are coming out in the theaters in the next couple months. Here's the trailer for Neil Gaiman's Coraline:

Gaiman is a master storyteller, famous for his series The Sandman, made a wonderful and little seen feature filmed named Mirror Mask and numerous novels, comics, film and television creativity in his native England and adopted America.

The film has an incredible cast including Dakota Fanning, a Desperate Housewife, Ian McShane (Deadwood), both Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders (creators of Absolutely Fabulous and French & Saunders) and John Hodgman (noted author and A PC). There's a good page on Yahoo! Movies that summarizes details and links to trailers and photos and stuff.

Oh and Hodgman and Gaiman are both on Twitter, btw.

The Watchmen also has a cool compendium page on Yahoo! with some pretty sweet making of videos. It's an Alan Moore graphic novel that I don't have time to talk about in detail. But Time Magazine listed it in the Top 100 novels of all-tim. Here's the sneak peek trailer, which I like better than the one in the theaters now...

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