Sunday, April 25, 2010

This FTP Blogger is moving (slowly) to WordPress

A quick heads up that I'm changing the backend of this blog. It will change a couple times, in fact.

This blog is currently built on Blogger, but it uses FTP, rather than being hosted on Blogger (aka Google) is discontinuing support for FTP. So I will be switching to a Wordpress backend hosted on the wonderful cloud servers of laughingsquid.

But I can't switch directly, I first will briefly have to switch to a blogspot subdomain. You will see a note about that shortly. After that I should be able to import into WordPress.

This should all be seamless. It should okay? There'll be a couple extra posts here, including this one, blabbing about this hosting stuff. And then once it's working, I will delete these and it will be like it never happened. And I can get back to not posting here regularly. ;-p

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