Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All Can Haz DJ photoshoots

are you taking *another* picture?The Stooges & Astrophe = Fun HouseAstrophe recreates The Smiths album coverAstrophe "gets" Low

Anime & JazzAstrophe likes ColdcutAstrophe likes Coldcut
Astrophe turns her back on Uhuru et al2011-05-24 15.39.20Anime with Television, Motorhead, Nirvana -- The Rock Show extra hour

All Can Haz DJ photoshoots, a set on Flickr.

Here's a compilation of all photos I've shot of my music and cats to accompany Can Haz DJ these lo many months. Pretty fun (I think anyway).

Via Flickr:
All the images for CanHazDJ featuring my cats (Anime & Astrophe) and the music I play on the show. Some of these images were used as "album covers" for the podcasts, which you can find here: rvpods.com/canhaz

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