Monday, October 15, 2012

Where I am these days: updated Fall 2012

I'm blogging more than ever, just not here

mikl confirms the world didn't end

If it looks like I've gone quiet, that's far from the case. Check out my tumblr blog where I'm posting daily. You'll find me there talking about art, San Francisco, animals, theater, comedy, and other things that I love.

Work-wise I'm consulting on advertising UX, social media marketing and optimization, strategic site design, and other in-demand expertises. See my LinkedIn page for more. I'm in the market for the next full-time step in my career, too. So get in touch if you know something that seems a good fit. I want to work on a truly great product with really smart people. I'm happy to play any number of roles from marketing to product or project management to writing and strategy. Or a little bit of all of those.

I also continue to write regularly for and you'll find me in Hi Fructose magazine (print only, not online). My writing appears in the third Hi Fructose collected edition and the amazing Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society both soon-to-be-published by Last Gasp. My "Can Haz DJ" radio show and blog on are on hiatus, but podcast archives of the show are online and I keep a Facebook page for the show going like a slo-mo-radi-o-show.

And you'll find me on the usual social places: @mikl_em, flickr, and if you're clever Instagram, Path, etc.

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