Monday, November 25, 2002

From this picture I just had a sudden horrible flash of what Tom Ridge was like in highschool (college, whatever). Probably exactly the same as most of the current professional politicians--Young Republican, ROTC, afraid of women (which fits nicely with aspects of the right wing christian agenda), able to get drunk and lecture to everyone's annoyance and then hurl green vomit at a single beer. I knew a half dozen of those type guys. I guess there were young Democrats, too. I also knew a few of them. They were easier to get along with generally. But then they'd start drinking & womanizing [I'm serious!], and they were still politics nerds. They were high on their own speeches (to the SGA!?) and heavily concerned about the importance of their every move. These guys don't do acid well.

Maybe it's just cuz I'm reading Distraction right now that I'm on such tangents. Have you ever read Strawberry Statement? I loved it. It's all about the sit-ins at Columbia during the 60's. About the SDS and such. It's written by a guy in the midst of it, and it's a story that I totally relate to. He gets into it cuz it seems like a good cause, but he soon sees the 'leaders' of the side he's on (the student leftists) so into their own spiel and power-politics nerds, who ultimately lose the view of the people they are supposed to represent. Actually, I'm starting to be down on the whole theory of Representative Democracy after living in it for 30+ years, cuz no one has ever represented me well. Anyway, the guy in Strawberry Statement justs wants the girl. And he just wants to hang out with her and he gets really down on Jr. Commander The New Left guy and his cronies. I liked the hell out of that book. Anyone seen the movie? I haven't, but I have the soundtrack on cassette. Or, as I said before, Maybe it's just cuz I'm reading Distraction.

Anyway, let me be the first to say FUCK PUNK-ASS TOM RIDGE SECRETARY OF HOMELAND SECURITY!!!! There. I probably beat Boondocks by like 2 days.

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