Monday, November 11, 2002

Here's a story about a veteran from the last action we took against Iraq: John Muhammad. It's an interview with his ex-wife, whom he'd threatened to kill.
He told her that black soldiers had been discriminated against. One incident in particular left him seething. After he was accused of tossing an incendiary grenade into a tent, Muhammad was hog-tied, arms and legs cuffed behind his back, he told his wife. When a siren sounded to alert the troops to a possible gas attack, no one gave him a gas mask. By the time he learned it was a drill, he had been humiliated in a manner that he never forgot, she said.

Another article: an interview with the man who helped them buy the car in NJ. Far from an accomplice, he just thought he was helping a couple people who were down and out. Here's one more article about Muhammad's smuggling of Malvo out of Antigua.

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