Saturday, December 07, 2002

The punk party was incredible. And speaking of incredible, the amazing furtographer has already uploaded images he took at the party to!! For those of you who were there, you can order prints from shutterfly. Actually, if you weren't there you could order pictures, too. I guess there is some blackmail potential.

The night was great. The bands were hot, especially our punk karaoke backing band THE CRAP CHUTES who rocked out both in karaoke mode and in a variety of impromptu backup roles. Mongoloid not only fronted his Devo-covering band of the same name, but also played drums with a couple bands and gave us an inspired, in-your-face version of Holiday in Cambodia. Chicken read the punk traditional Saint Sid Christmas poem and showed us a little piece of GG Allin. Aaron Seeman played Minutemen & Dead Kennedys tunes on an old punk-rockety accordion and then destroyed it. V Vale broke the fuck out of a royal commemorative plate, said a few words, and sold some excellent books at lowlowlow prices. Barb Traub performed an incredible tribute to the Talking Heads & Patti Smith. Darren & Sarah were incredible hosts as always--consider 21 Grand for your next wedding, bar mitzvah, or convention of attack ponies.

The clothes modifications and collages were a big hit. Thanks to Giles & Tryntje, respectively, for leading each of them.

My favorite quote of the night, by me, of course:

I'm not going to take that from a woman herding stuffed monkeys into an accordion shop!

...or maybe you had to be there. It was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone who came, and all of you who helped make it happen!

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