Monday, July 22, 2002

Last night the Women of SRL put on a great show in Tentacle Session #35. It was an inspiring night of true tales of women who weld (amongst many other talents). There were 7 SRL members on the panel, which was moderated by Maribeth Back. From these 7 women we got to see the diversity of the people (male and female) who volunteer with Survival Research Labs, the self-assuredness that they have gained from the experience (not that they were bereft of it to start), and their general fondness for fire & explosions.

There were stories of first shows seen and worked on, a look at how things get done in the SRL shop, culture clashes in Japan (where it's apparently a taboo for women to fix things), and a bit about what happens when things go wrong. There was a demonstration by The SRL Science Department on turning household products into a sloppy-glop called GAK; another by Karen on telerobotics (tales of VRML and the SRL Protocol). And finally a review of "special effects" SRL-style ('why would you want to blow shit up?'). We also saw footage of SRL's LA performance two weeks ago. There was artwork up from several SRL women.

For the whole list of women on the panel and the complete list of ladies who've worked with SRL over the years, well you know where to look.

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