Saturday, July 20, 2002

an update:

The 100+ Chinese carnivorous fish that can walk for short distances on their fins found in a Maryland pond have been given a death sentence. No sign of an appeal, but neither details on when or how the extermination will be done. Here's the latest from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Rest assured, we (who am I kidding? It's just I) will keep close tabs on this story and link like mad if anything develops.

How far reaching is this issue? They're worried about it in Wisconsin. An early report on the CBS News site includes a video (its before they realized there were so many); I like the part where they are stapling up Wanted posters. In more idiosyncratic coverage The Washington Times manages to bleed patriotism from a Chinese fish with this passionate and whining editorial about Good Old Amurican fishes whooping up on the "oriental character" and making it "wish it stayed in Asia".

I'm sorry, but I just love the hell out of this story. One delightful aspect is that the fish has a "primitive lung", which I have learned from the Mice Models of Human Cancers Consortium arises from the foregutl, if it's anything like human lung development (and who ultimately cares if it is, it's enough for me just to encounter the word foregut for the first time). Somehow it's fitting to me to discover this in such close proximity to things dada.

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