Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Never mind the Pistols, Camper Van Beethoven is having a reunion tour--3 shows just finished in NYC, and an upcoming one two in SF & one in LA! They also just released their remake of Fleetwood Mac's TUSK (extra credit for the jackalope album cover).

Other die-hard Camper Fan Trivia: Victor Krummenacher is now Art Director (and sometimes writes and interviews) for the SFBayGuardian; early Camper member Chris Molla now makes music for children; and David Immergl├╝ck (ex-Monks of Doom) now plays with Counting Crows!?

Jonathan Segel & Victor's record label has news and releases by related projects [and a quote from's Lore Sjoberg!]. I must highly recommend VK's Out in the Heat for great songwriting and beautiful dusty arrangements featuring pedal steel, mandolin, and accordion. Written during a "dark phase" with the eloquence which that can entail.

I am disappointed because I was hoping to link to an interview with Johnny Rotten that I'd read (maybe in BAM) where when asked what he had to offer an 18-year old Green Day fan he answered:

A big willy.

but the interview is unfindable.

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