Sunday, November 18, 2001

BlogBack's homepage tells the tale of a generous free service that is both being abused (by a few) and does not have the capacity to support how popular it's gotten. Marcus who runs it has now closed it to new users cuz of the overload. On my side, I'm sorry that more people won't be able to use it (and thankful for just turning it on myself, less than a week ago), but I'm glad that the hopefully the annoyance of Javascript errors when my blogback-linked pages load will be gone. Let's just take a moment to happily appreciate all the cool stuff we get for free on the internet, especially the stuff from individuals as opposed to corporations who only do it cuz that's the level of the road here (e.g. my Real rant will be coming up soon). Here's hoping that Marcus keeps up the service and can find a good way to deal with these challenges. Off to the Tentacle Sessions now!

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