Sunday, November 25, 2001

Busy Week!

Tuesday night me and DJ Univac will mix it up @ The Odeon. On tap will be everything from punk to darkest dub to ninjatunage--expect a wildride mix that will keep you guessing and walking up asking:  what was that last song?

Link to this

Friday night ATTABOY (w/ some help from me & Tom and many others) launches
the new book I Hate Cartoons! also @ The Odeon

Both nights start at 9pm. at the Odeon.

If you wanted to study up aforehand (or aft, if you read this later) my DJ sets'll probably include more than two tunes from each of the following labels: SST, Mille Plateaux, WordSound, NinjaTune, ThrillJockey, Bubblecore, Extreme.

In other news, plans are coming together for next month's FISTFUL OF TENTACLES party/benefit/performance for the Tentacle Sessions. It's on December 16th & it's going to be great--cut the date out of your calendar, blow it up 100x at kinkos and paste it on your front door. Or something like that.


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