Friday, November 16, 2001

For those who perhaps (like me, I'll admit it, dammit!) first
encountered Doonesbury as a kid
(the strip has been around for 30 years now!) when the thought of
Henry Kissinger and humor on the same page seemed an uphill buzzkill
(or for some of you maybe it was James Watt...Dan Quayle?), but haven't
visited the land of Trudeau with an adult mindset, or if you know the
WonderOfWhichISpeak but haven't checked in on the world of Michael & Zonker in a while, I strongly suggest you check out ASAP. And in particular note how
he has handled our world post 911. Those comics start
here and its worth reading every single one of them and then waiting
with breath that is baited for midnight when the new one is posted.
From Ground Zero to Mazar-E Sharif, Gary Trudeau takes no
prisoners and nails all hypocrisies, personal and political, with a
multi-colored dry spotlight. Or something. So glad he's around.

Also this one gets special mention as a nice, solid shrub-bash.

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