Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Just updated the TENTACLE SESSIONS homepage in advance of this Sunday's show. The intervening month has been tumultuous: Cafe Du Nord discontinued the series (on very short notice) and the previously scheduled guest, the esteemed Paul Mavrides, needed to postpone his Tentacle appearnance 'til next spring.

But with grace, coolness, and not-just-a-little aplomb, co-Producer Steven Black pulled a Tentacle out of his hat. Tentacle PORN that is. As it turns out "tentacle porn" is an actual anime sub-genre. In particular it is the hardcore-est of anime porn--of monsters, schoolgirls and, well, a mess. Not fer everybody, but this is a living sub-cultural phenom--and if yer titilated, please come out to the Sessions current shelter from the storm, SPANGANGA (3376 19th Street 'tween Mission & Capp).

Spanganga is the new space run by Sean Kelly of Please Leave the Bronx comedy troupe; neither the space nor the troupe seems to have a webpage currently. So I can only embolden them. Which is ANNOYING (Sean, I know you're reading this!). But here's a mention (and a photo of Sean in a tux) from an old Guardian article.

More later, I'm still fine-tuning the Sessions page.

[Note to all fellow web-monkeyers out there:

Remember the basics, like the W3C's HTML Validator. Gawd. It's like going to the dentist for the first time in years--lookit all that crap in there! Fortunately, it's just a webpage tsk-ing at me, not a medical professional with a sharp instrument.]

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