Sunday, November 18, 2001

Do we need another hero? The Tick is back from back. All told this is Tick's third incarnation
for fans, like me, who started with the original comic book. That's if you don't count the figures of ACTION.

In related newz, this week a new Justice League of America series debuts on the Cartoon Network. Though the reviews, at least the ones form self-appointed amateur know-it-alls which are the only ones I trust, are not great. Anyway, like the new tick it's just another development to mock my cable-less-ness, though I'm resolute in my narrow-catching. Besides usually I can get a taste from RealVideo (like the new AbFab series, for instance). However, RealMedia's corporate style bugs me and I'd rather not patronize them. Note to self to rant on that soon. grrrr.

Meanwhile from related browsing I get this tidbit:

"Forest Whitaker is in talks to direct the live-action pic FAT ALBERT, based on Bill Cosby's popular animated series."

that sounds very nice.

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